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  Horseradish Food Truck, 2015

Horseradish Food Truck, 2015

From School bus to Brick & Mortar...

When Matt Trotter and crew opened Horseradish Food Truck in 2015, the goal was to simply add another dimension to Trotter's funky retail shop, Teak & Soxy.  But after 2 seasons of serving up specialty sandwiches and salads out of the little school bus, Trotter was approached by one of his most frequent regulars, Alex Pearsall, about stepping out of the bus and into a building with a full-size kitchen.  Pearsall, who has Summered in the Green Lake area since a child, had recently purchased a building in Princeton's Historic downtown where Trotter grew up and his businesses were located.  The two let the idea simmer in the off-season and then in early 2017 realized their shared food philosophies and passion for entertaining would be a recipe for success.  (Pearsall attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and Trotter, a Visual Arts Grad, loves bringing creativity to the kitchen).  

It’s as much about the social aspect as it is about the food and it’s truly exciting to have someone with a shared vision to bring this all to life.
— Trotter on the opening of Horseradish Kitchen + Market
  Horseradish Kitchen + Market, Pre-construction, May 2017

Horseradish Kitchen + Market, Pre-construction, May 2017

Demolition on the interior of the 1905 cream-city brick began in Spring of 2017 with build-out continuing through the Summer, while Horseradish Food Truck served a steady crowd of devoted foodies just half a block away.  The pair quietly opened the doors to Horseradish Kitchen + Market in Spring 2018 to reveal a specialty food market, full bar/cafe, an open-style kitchen and screened deck off the back with glass garage doors exposing the gorgeous natural beauty of the Fox River as the backdrop.   Horseradish Kitchen + Market is open for lunch and retail and also serve as a venue for private events and "pop-up dinners" with guest chefs and more.



When will Horseradish be open?

We're open Thursday - Monday 11a-3p!

So you're not open for dinner?

Not all the time, but we will have special dinner events.  

Will you be open all year?

We do plan on being open most of the year with a break sometime in the quiet of Winter.

What will you serve?

You can bet on some of the classics you've become accustomed to on Horseradish Food Truck, but that too will expand!

Will you serve alcohol?

Yes! We will have a full bar available!

Is it fancy?

We don't think so.  We hope you find it to be fun and casual but not the least bit ordinary.  

Can I have a private party?

You bet!  Rehearsals, Birthdays...we'd love to host! We are booking dates for 2018 already. Fill out the form below to get your date on the calendar!  

What will happen to the food truck?

She's going to take a break while we get situated in the new space but eventually, we plan to get her tuned up and road-ready to travel to your events!

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