Teak & Soxy is an offbeat mix of home & apothecary goods from independent American designers mixed with a array of vintage and found objects. The name, Teak & Soxy, comes from a pair of notoriously tricky family horses that often escaped their confines just a mile away to wander along Water Street downtown Princeton - the historic district we call home.

In 2015, Matt's brought his passion for food and entertaining to life with Horseradish - a food truck concept pairing locally-sourced food, drinks and music with good company.

In late 2017, Horseradish will expand to a brick and mortar space as Matt and his new business partner, Alex Pearsall, open the doors to Horseradish Kitchen + Marketa multi-purpose space with open kitchen, bar/cafe, specialty market and riverside deck.


Jett is usually in the shop or looking for a spot to take a dip in the water

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